Welcome to Arizona

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Arizona Afterwards is a novel of survival.  Of love and pain and struggle.  And Zombies.

There will be a new chapter posted here every weekend throughout 2011.  I maintain a writing blog at christophergreen.wordpress.com that talks about my various loves and hates, though if you’d like to make comments regarding Arizona Afterwards, start discussions or make suggestions, please feel free to do so in the comment field of the chapters themselves.

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Chapter 53 – The End

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Here we are.

53 weeks, 53 chapters, 111,861 words and a body count that I have yet to tally.  I would like to thank you all, sincerely, for following along. It means a great deal to me.

I’ll redraft the novel and let the world know when it’s out in the wild for purchase.  (Everybody who has commented thus far will get an ebook of Arizona for free once the thing is ready.)

Happy New Year.

(Yes, I am thinking of a sequel.)

Chapter 52 – Ever Closer

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(Also, Merry Christmas!)

Chapter 51 – Always west

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Ever westward, ever onward

Not really, but I, like Jay, never remember getting to the end of that song…

Chapter 49 – West

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To me, some things are worse than being chased…

Chapter 48 – Crumbs

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Closer and closer draws the end of this thing.

Chapter 47 – Leaving Las Vegas

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or Winslow…